Ignite Portland to replace DemoCamp Portland

I’m excited about the forthcoming Ignite Portland event series! We’re working on a date and venue right now. Once these issues are finalized, the planning process will move quickly. Expect the first Ignite Portland in 2007.

Many of you have been waiting for a firm date on DemoCamp Portland 2. The original intention was to host a quarterly DemoCamp, to facilitate networking and exposure to cool ideas, while keeping the BarCamp spirit alive.

For a number of reasons, we’re going to retire DemoCamp Portland and fold it into the Ignite Portland effort. There are similarities between the two events, and the no slides approach for DemoCamp limited some presentation ideas. Ignite Portland appeals to a larger audience. BarCamp is going to be an annual event in Portland – stay tuned for more details in early 2008. We may do a series of demos at the 2008 BarCamp, but not likely as ‘DemoCamp.’ Ignite Portland will probably be a quarterly event, but this may change, based on popularity.

I have updated the DemoCamp Portland pages to point to this site. Once we have a date and venue for Ignite Portland, we will post the information here and promote it actively.

More soon…