RSVP fast, before we run out of room (Updated!)

Update: RSVPs at Upcoming are now closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come to the first Ignite Portland! Unfortunately, it also means that just because you RSVP’ed, there’s no guarantee you’ll get in. See this post for details – we had to make admission “first come, first served”.

I can’t believe how fast the RSVP list for Ignite Portland has been growing. This morning, we crossed over the 250+ mark for people who have said “I’m Attending!”, and that doesn’t count the 26 more who are “watching”/tentative. We’re thrilled and a little freaked out that so many people want to come! 🙂

There’s still one week before the big night, if you haven’t already made plans to come. We might run into a problem, though – our space at Wieden+Kennedy has a fire safety occupancy limit of 297 people. I never dreamed we’d fill that place up, but here we are. 🙂 I know that not everyone who RSVP’s will be able to make it, so for now, we’re doing a balancing act. I’ve capped the number of RSVP’s that Upcoming will accept for the event somewhere north of 297, to account for no-shows. But, if you REALLY want to come to Ignite Portland, you’d do well to RSVP now. It helps if you have your “real name” associated with your Upcoming account, so we can know that “beerinator” is really “Bob Smith”.

We’re not planning on being strict about checking for your name on the guest list at the door, and we don’t plan on turning anyone away. There’s overflow space at W+K that we could probably use should the atrium be completely full, but we won’t have the ability to pipe in the presentations. So help us out by making sure your RSVP info is accurate, including removing yourself if you know you can’t make it. We’ll be sad, and we’ll miss you, but accurate data makes everyone’s life better, no? 😉

This is going to be one awesome event!