How to “attend” Ignite Portland if you can’t come in person

Besides the whole fire code thing, where we have to close the doors after we get 297 people (doors open at 5:30 PM – be there early, and you’re almost sure to get in), there are lots of people I know who would have liked to attend Ignite Portland, but can’t make it for various other reasons. This post is for you!

Since it’s being put together by a bunch of raging internet geeks, there will be lots of electronic ways to “attend” Ignite Portland from afar. Or at least keep updated on what’s going on there.

First, follow IgnitePortland on Twitter. We’ll be sending important updates throughout the evening (like “OK, we’re closing the doors now!”, etc.). Make sure you have Twitter set to send notifications via SMS, since unfortunately, there won’t be open wifi at W+K. If you don’t use Twitter, or don’t know what it is, just go to (or subscribe to the RSS feed on that page). You’ll see short updates from the Ignite Portland team as they’re warranted. Extra Special Twitter Tip: check out the “with others” page for Ignite Portland on Twitter. It will show you updates from all the people that have followed us – sort of an instant, impromptu backchannel chat. It’s loads of fun. Or at least interesting to watch. ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re looking for a volunteer to do some live streaming of the event, a la, etc. All it takes to do live web video these days is a webcam and a browser. If you’re able and interested in doing a stream for Ignite Portland, let me know. We can probably get you wifi access to do it, but if you have your own self-contained connectivity (like EVDO), so much the better.

Space is going to be tight (not a lot of room for laptops, plus the whole “no wifi” thing), so I don’t expect a lot of “live” blogging, but for everything written/posted after the event, the official tag for the event is “igniteportland”. If you write a blog post, upload pictures to Flickr, or put whatever else online about the event, make sure it has that tag. Likewise, if you want to check out photos and posts from people who were there, look for the “igniteportland” tag on Technorati, Flickr, etc. We’ll be monitoring that tag, too, and we’ll post up anything that’s particularly cool here. You can also just do a good old fashioned search for “ignite portland” in your favorite blog search/feed tool and subscribe to the resulting RSS feed.

Finally, the presentations are being video recorded (by more than one person, it sounds like). I’ll be recording in HD, and the W+K folks will be, too. I plan to post video of each of the Ignite Portland sessions on our “Watch” page (featured prominently at the top of the site) within a couple of weeks (video takes time!). So, check out that page in a little while, or add this RSS feed to your favorite video podcatcher (like iTunes), and you’ll get the videos automagically as soon as they’re posted. We also plan on posting the slides themselves at some point, though without the presenter, they won’t make much sense. ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s it for now. If you can think of another way to participate virtually in Ignite Portland, post a comment, and I’ll update this post. Thanks to everyone who’s expressed interest in our little event – this has grown into something WAY bigger than I ever imagined, and it’s awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚