Burn, Baby, Burn! Ignite Portland 2 in One Month

The next ignite Portland is a month away, and the buzz is starting to heat up. Get it? “Heat” up? Haw! 😉

Seriously, though, I’m getting excited. Plans are being made, our venue is secured, we’re getting a great stream of submission ideas, and over 140 people have already RSVP’ed on Upcoming. All the Portland people on Twitter have exploded with conversation about it (thanks in no small part to Rick Turoczy’s Silicon Florist post on Portland Twitter People). You can follow the Ignite conversation on Twitter by following @IgnitePortland, and also by using Hashtags, under the tag #ip2. If you tweet about it, try to include that tag so your post will be included in the aggregation.

There’s even rumor of Moo.com having to charter a special delivery plane to Portland because so many people are stocking up on their awesome little photo calling cards for IP2. Hope my order doesn’t get delayed!

So, one month out, what do you need to do?

1. Spread the word (say, with a blog badge), and RSVP at Upcoming. February 5, 2008, 6 to 9 PM, at the Bagdad Theater in SE.

2. Submit your presentation ideas. They DON’T have to be techie! Only criteria is that they’re interesting, and I KNOW that you have at least one interesting idea in your head. 😉 Remember, the presentation format is 20 slides for 15 seconds each, auto-advanced. Check out the presentations from the first Ignite Portland to get an idea of the variety we had, and check out the talk submissions that are in the running for IP2.

3. We still need sponsors – the more sponsorship money we get, the more food, etc. we can provide at the event. If you’re interested in sponsoring Ignite Portland 2, for any amount, get in touch with Todd Kenefsky.

I can feel the excitement in the air. Can’t wait to see how hugely awesome Ignite Portland 2 is going to be! 🙂