Can’t make it to the Bagdad? You can still Ignite!

I’ve been talking with a few people who want to come to Ignite Portland 2 tonight, but for whatever reason, can’t make it to the Bagdad in person. So here’s a rundown on other ways you can plug into the excitement tonight, even if you can’t physically be there.

  1. Watch the live video stream. John Hartman and his crew from AlphaGeekTV are going to be on the scene, providing a live video stream. They are partnered with Justin.tv, and they have the same equipment, chat room, etc. that goes along with the stream. Assuming we don’t have bandwidth problems, this should be a great way to watch the presentations. And of course, we’ll post videos of all the presentations on the Watch page afterwards.
  2. Follow IgnitePortland on Twitter. We’ll be posting updates and venue information (stuff like “you’ve got 15 minutes until the bar closes”, etc.).
  3. Watch pulseofpdx.com to see what Portland is saying about the event. PulseofPDX is a little site some of us Ignite-y people put together to show a stream of Portland people on Twitter. Since lots of those people are going to be at Ignite, I can imagine it’s going to be full of talk about the event, the presentations, etc. Think of it as the unofficial backchannel. if you’re in Portland, and want to be included in the “stream of Portland’s collective consciousness”, just follow @pulseofpdx on Twitter, and it will follow you back. Once it’s following you, you’re in.

We’re expecting an amazing crowd tonight – almost 600 people on Upcoming have said “I’m coming!” (making it the second most popular event on all of Upcoming, behind only SXSW), and I’m sure we’ll get a lot more from people who heard about Ignite in the Oregonian or on the radio. Make sure you read this post about getting there early, what not to bring, and other logistical stuff.

I’m so excited – the anticipation is huge! I feel like I’m sitting on a powderkeg, and I can’t wait until it goes off tonight.

See you there! 🙂