If you’re making media at Ignite, tag it so we can all find it

Just a quick note on tagging. We’re going to generate a tremendous amount of media at Ignite Portland tonight. Photos, videos, blog posts, Twitter updates, and who knows what else. Here’s how to tag the stuff you create so we can all find it.

  1. If you’re using Twitter, use the #ip2 Hashtag in your posts (I’m bad at remembering to do this, but I’ll try to be better!). Then we can all watch/subscribe to #ip2 on Hashtags, and see what other people are saying. Don’t know what Hastags is? Find out here.
  2. The general tag we recommend for photos, videos, etc. is “igniteportland”. So if you post to Flickr, YouTube, or whatever else, add the tag, and people will be sure to find it.
  3. If you made some media you’re especially proud of – a great video, photo, or whatever, and want to have it featured on this site, leave a comment here, and we’ll see what we can do.

I can hardly imagine the sheer volume of media that we, collectively, are going to create tonight. I doubt any one person will be able to absorb it all. But if it’s tagged, at least we can all stand a chance at finding it! Thanks! 🙂