Ignite Portland 3 is Tonight! How to Participate Electronically

Ignite Portland 3 is tonight! 450 of you have early entry tickets (bring your ID – tickets are non-transferrable, to prevent cheating), to get in when the doors open at 5:30 PM. At 6:15, we go “general admission” – even if you have a ticket. So even if you don’t have a ticket, come down early, get in the GA line, and you’ll likely get in.

If you can’t make it in person to the Bagdad tonight, or if you’re just the kind of geek that wants to fully experience the augmented digital reality that surrounds an event like this, here’s your guide on how to follow the part of Ignite Portland that’s taking place online:

  1. This blog – www.igniteportland.com. Make sure to subscribe to the feed. We won’t be posting minute-by-munte stuff here, but this is where you’ll find out when the videos, slides, and news on the next Ignite Portland become available. You can even subscribe by email, if you’re old school like that.
  2. Follow @igniteportland on Twitter. This is where the up-to-the-minute updates will be coming from. Stuff like how long the lines are (hopefully short!), links to any live streams that happen, or any other last minute news or updates. Wifi coverage may be spotty, so you might want to set Twitter up to deliver these updates via text message to your cell phone (there won’t be TOO many – maybe a dozen or two over the course of the evening). If you’re attending, and have something you think everyone should know, send a “D” message to this account, and we’ll get the word out.
  3. Use this Summize search to see what people on Twitter are saying about Ignite Portland 3. It’s much easier than trying to track down and follow all of the people involved – that query will show you what people are saying about IP3, regardless of whether you follow them. The buzz is already building! There’s a feed you can subscribe to, if you prefer to get it that way, and Summize looks and works great on your iPhone, Blackberry, or other mobile device.
  4. Join us in the Ignite Portland FriendFeed Room. If you’re a FriendFeed person, come join us there to share and discuss related to the event. This is kind of an experiment, but it could be really, really cool. Come show us how to make it awesome!
  5. If you’re making media (photos, videos, whatever) at Ignite (and we definitely encourage you do to so!), please tag it “igniteportland” on Flickr, YouTube, or wherever you share it, so that other people can find it. If you have something really, really cool to share (like you got a video of Todd doing something embarrassing šŸ˜‰ ), let us know, and we’ll see about posting it here.

If last time is any indication, 700+ geeks in one place will probably overwhelm the wifi at the Bagdad Theater, so plan on using your cellular connectivity (in fact, last time, I think we overwhelmed the local cell towers with data traffic, so there’s no guarantee it won’t be a connectivity black hole!). Plan accordingly. But it doesn’t matter – come to have fun, geek out, meet cool people, and come hang out with us at the afterparty.

Let’s light this thing! šŸ™‚