Last Chance to Submit Your Talk Ideas for IP4!

Hey everyone!

There’s only 1.5 days left to get your Ignite Portland 4 talk idea submissions in. The window officially closes at 12:01 AM Wednesday 10/15 (that’s the hour after 11PM on Tuesday night 10/14, just to be clear). If you’ve got a talk idea you’d like to share on stage at Ignite Portland 4, now is the time to get it in.

Submit An Ignite Portland 4 Talk!

We’ve got a great selection of ideas submitted so far – 31 as of this morning. You can view them all if you’re looking for inspiration, or to size up the competition. We’ll be picking about 14 talks to be presented onstage at Ignite Portland 4 (Nov. 13 at the Bagdad Theater), and announcing the lineup of selected talks on October 20.

In the past, there’s been a “surge” of submissions in the last day or so that submissions were open. I’m not saying that the creative-type people who present at Ignite are procrastinators, but… 😉 What I mean is, it’s definitely not too late to think up a talk idea and submit it. All you need is a idea – NOT a finished presentation (that comes later, if you’re selected).

Honestly, just like the past 3 Ignite Portland events, the quality of the submissions we’ve received so far is high enough that we could have a couple of Ignites with just these ideas. So why beat the drum and try to get more? Past events have set the bar pretty high. We want IP4 to be amazingly, mind-blowingly, life-changingly good. And that can’t happen without your ideas. We never know which talks are going to be smash hits, but there are always a few that take EVERYONE by surprise. Maybe this time around it will be yours? We’ll never know unless you submit! Hurry up! The clock is ticking! 🙂