See These Talks at Ignite Portland 4

Man, that was TOUGH. We received over 50 talk ideas for Ignite Portland 4. The vast majority of them were really, really good. But we only have room for 13 talks on stage at the Bagdad (plus the traditional “What is Ignite?” talk). So before I announce what those 13 talks are going to be, I just want to give a HUGE “Thank You!” to everyone who submitted a talk that wasn’t chosen. Your talk ideas made the competition fierce, and that competition means that the talks that were chosen are the cream of the crop. Even if you didn’t get picked, submit your talk idea next time – don’t lose heart! 🙂

Without further ado, here, then, are the 14 talks that will make up Ignite Portland 4. Follow the links to read the speaker’s description of their talk:

There you have them. The talks that are going to light up the stage at the Bagdad Theater on Thursday, November 13. Speakers, get working on your talks (the deadline to turn in your slides should have been in the acceptance email you received). Everyone else, stay tuned for information on tickets to come to Ignite Portland 4 – they’ll be free, as always – and get ready to be blown away at IP4! 🙂