Surprise! Ignite Portland 5 on Feb. 19. Submit Your Talk Ideas Now!

Wow. I just got home from ignite Portland 4. It was a total blast. The recap post and “what can we do better” will come soon, along with the videos, etc. For now. you can see what people are saying on Twitter (by the way, the #IP4 tag was number two on Twitter Trends all night – we were more popular than Obama! 🙂 ).

Tonight, I revealed the “big” news that I had teased about – Ignite Portland 5 will happen on February 19, 2009, at the Bagdad. Save the date! More details will be coming, but the other big news is that submissions are open now for talk ideas at IP5. Head on over to the submission page, and give us your talk idea. Who knows? It could be you up on stage next time.

We figured there are lots of people who are inspired by the talks they see at Ignite, and think to themselves “hey, I could do a talk about *whatever*”. My wife Rachel and I were talking all the way home about what cool ideas we could submit. We (the organizers) figured that NOW was the time to let people get their ideas out there, on “paper”, and start thinking about what *they* would say if they had 20 slides and 5 minutes.

What would YOU say? Share that burning idea! 🙂

We’re already looking for sponsors for IP5, too. If you would like to help make it happen, and get your company up in front of 500 of Portland’s smartest, most engaged community members, let us know now.