Ignite Portland 5 talk submissions due January 24. Be creative and get yours in!

The time is rapidly approaching. We’re going to close talk idea submissions for Ignite Portland 5 at 11:59PM on Saturday, January 24. That means you still have almost two weeks to think of an idea for an Ignite talk, and get it to us. Got a burning idea you want to share in 5 minutes (20 slides for 15 seconds each)? Let us know!

We’ve had lots of people tell us they wanted to see more of something or other at the next Ignite. More “techy” talks. More creative talks. More “how to” talks. More bacon talks. The thing is, the content of each and every Ignite Portland is determined by you, the community of people who submit your talk ideas. So if you want to see more technical talks, submit a technical talk idea. You see where I’m going with this…

I’ve also had people ask me how to really “wow” the selection team, and increase their chances of being picked to present. Besides PayPal (I kid!), my best advice to you is BE CREATIVE! The idea submission form is just a few text fields, but there’s nothing stopping you from shooting an audition video and linking to it, or doing something else clever to impress us. Hack the format. Show off your skills and ideas. I can’t promise it will affect your chances, but what have you got to lose!

If you’re looking for inspiration for a talk idea, have a gander at the videos from past Ignite Portland events, or look at some of the idea submissions we’ve already received for Ignite Portland 5. And if you’ve submitted a talk idea in the past that didn’t make it, please, resubmit – with so many great ideas, we can’t choose all of the great ones. Maybe Five is your lucky number.

And if the idea of getting up on stage in person gives you the shakes, maybe you’d rather submit a “15 seconds of Flame” video? Brand new for IP5, we’ll be showing off community submitted videos during the breaks. So if you’re a video person rather than a “get up on stage in front of 500 people” person, we’ve got you covered.

Each Ignite has raised the bar in terms of the greatness of the talks. We expect number 5 to be no less than stellar. But we need your burning ideas. Don’t wait too long!

Update: a couple people have asked, and I forgot to include it in the original post, but we’ll be announcing the talk lineup for Ignite Portland 5 on Friday January 30. Stay tuned to the site and the feed!