Get Ready – Tickets to Ignite Portland 5 Become Available Feb. 5 at 10AM

Last time we released tickets, for Ignite Portland 4, they were all claimed very, very quickly. As in, 550 tickets in 3.5 hours. We had no idea they would be available for such a short period of time, and some people missed out if they weren’t glued to Twitter/their feed reader when the word went out, and tickets became available.

So, to hopefully make the process a little more accessible to everyone, we’re pre-announcing when we’re going to make the free tickets to Ignite Portland 5 available – 10AM PST on Thursday, February 5, 2009. When the time comes, details will be posted here at http://www.igniteportland.com. Make sure you’re subscribed to the feed, and follow @igniteportland on Twitter.

Mark your calendars, set a reminder on your iPhone, or do whatever you feel like you need to do to get a ticket if you’re interested. We’re also going to try a few tweaks to the process to make it easier to get on a “waitlist”, if there are no tickets available when you come. Details on how that will work will be posted later. And remember, Ignite Portland 5 will happen on Thursday, February 19, at the Bagdad theater. Doors open for ticketholders at 5:15PM. General Admission starts at 6:00 PM. And the talks kick off at 7:00 PM. Plan accordingly. There’s a restaurant and bar food available at the Bagdad, and lots of other places to dine nearby on Hawthorne, so why not come down early and have dinner?

Tickets to Ignite Portland will always be free. So why have them in the first place? To try to keep lines small, and reduce your anxiety about getting in. If you have a ticket, and you arrive at the Bagdad Theater before the time appointed for General Admission, you can stroll right in, and you’ve got a seat. Didn’t manage to get a ticket? You can come down and wait in the General Admission line. We always reserve some seats for GA, and last time, no one was turned away. So think of a ticket as your way to avoid waiting in the GA line.

If you’re selected as a speaker, or if you choose to be a sponsor, you’ll be guaranteed a ticket, so if you REALLY really want to make sure you get in, submit a great talk idea (you have until Jan. 24!), or contact us about being a sponsor.

Every time we do this, we try to make it smoother than the last time. A ton of effort goes on behind the scenes on the part of Igal Koshevoy and his crew of happy coders for our proposal and ticketing systems, and we owe them a huge thanks for helping us manage an event of this magnitude. And we’re very grateful for your enthusiasm and patience, as a community. None of this would happen without you.

So, stay tuned, we’ll announce the speaker lineup next week on Jan. 30, tickets become available the week after that on Feb. 5, and then, on the 19th, we party! 🙂