86 IP5 Talk Ideas Submitted. Those Chosen Notified Soon.

We received a record 86 talk idea submissions for Ignite Portland 5 (we usually get around 50). There was a definitely “bathtub curve” to when they came in – lots were submitted right after Ignite Portland 4, when lots of people surely thought “I should do a talk about *subject*.” Then there was a lull, and, as usual, a nice big rush of submissions right before the deadline. You Portlanders sure are a bunch of procrastinators. 😉

But you’re wicked smart, too, and it was harder than ever to sift and sort through all of the terrific ideas that we received to choose the ones that would make it on stage for Ignite Portland 5. It was hard work, but we think we have a terrific lineup. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who submitted an idea – you truly are the heart of how this whole Ignite thing works.

Everyone who submitted an idea should be notified via email soon (within a day or so) about whether your talk was chosen or not. We’ll post the talk lineup here on Friday 1/30. We’re going with 18 total talks this time, to squeeze a few more in (there were 14 talks at IP4).

If your talk idea wasn’t selected, understand it was because we were bombarded with SO many great ideas, and we only have room for so many. If we could warp the fabric of space time, and see all of the talks, that would be awesome. Maybe someone will submit an idea for how to make that happen for IP6. 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to submit an idea. I know the suspense is killing you. Hang in there a little longer!