Tickets Available Tomorrow – Don’t Miss Out!

Just a quick, last minute reminder that Ignite Portland tickets will be available at 10AM PST on Thursday, February 5, 2009. That’s tomorrow, so don’t miss out!

As we mentioned in our previous announcement:

When the time comes, details will be posted here at http://www.igniteportland.com. Make sure you’re subscribed to the feed, and follow @igniteportland on Twitter.

Mark your calendars, set a reminder on your iPhone, or do whatever you feel like you need to do to get a ticket if you’re interested. We’re also going to try a few tweaks to the process to make it easier to get on a “waitlist”, if there are no tickets available when you come.

A ton of effort goes on behind the scenes on the part of Igal Koshevoy and his crew of happy coders for our proposal and ticketing systems, and we owe them a huge thanks for helping us manage an event of this magnitude.

Judging by the buzz on Twitter and posts on Silicon Florist and other sites, people are starting to get excited! 🙂