Submit Your Ideas – Ignite Portland 6 on July 16

Is your head still spinning from the great ideas you saw and heard at Ignite Portland 5? Did you have so much fun that you can’t wait to do it again? Were you inspired to Share a Burning Idea at the next Ignite Portland?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, we have good news for you. Ignite Portland 6 is scheduled for July 16, 2009. And our talk idea submission form is open for you to let that burning idea out of your head and into the world.

When we opened submissions for IP5 immediately after IP4, we saw a surge of talk ideas submitted right away – we figure lots of people were saying to themselves “I should TOTALLY do a talk on (insert favorite topic here)!”. If that’s you, head over to the submission page and give us a description of your idea (don’t worry, you can flesh it out more later).

Want to “wow” and impress the selection team? Be creative! Hack the format! Record a video of yourself pitching the idea, and put the link in your submission. Show us what you’ve got, and you just might be on stage at Ignite Portland 6. Fame, glory, and bacon* could be yours! (Note: OK, maybe no bacon.)

Mark your calendars, and we’ll see you all at the Bagdad on July 16!