Last Chance to Submit a Talk Idea for IP7 – What Keeps *YOU* Up At Night?

Hey everyone. The time is swiftly coming where we close the talk idea submission form, and take a look at the ideas we’ve received and make the tough decisions about which talks go on stage at Ignite Portland 7. The proposals system will stop accepting new talk ideas at 11:59PM (Pacific) this Sunday, October 11 (that’s Sunday night, right before midnight).

The best Ignite talks (and we’ve had a ton of great ones – check out some of the videos from past Ignite Portland events to find inspiration!) are the ones that bring out your “burning ideas”. The stuff that keeps you awake at night. The stuff you can’t stop talking about when you’re around your friends. The stuff that you’d do for free, even if it wasn’t a paying job. That’s the kind of talk idea we’re looking for.

That being said, please remember that Ignite Portland is *NOT* the place to be all self promotional or spammy. Talk ideas that seem too spammy will be rejected, in favor of those that show more passion, interestingness, and spark. So be sparky, not spammy!

The clock is ticking, and we need your brilliant talk ideas. So look inside you, dig deep, and find that awesome thing that you’d love to share on stage with a few hundred of your closest Portland friends. Then write it up in a paragraph or so, include any links that’ll help us know how awesome a speaker you are, and get your talk proposal in before midnight on Sunday. Do eet! 🙂