Take the Party Bus to Ignite Corvallis 2 – Free, Beer, and Wifi!

Our friends down south in Corvallis are getting ready for their second Ignite, and gracious hosts that they are, they’ve made it super simple for us Portland folks to come down and enjoy the burning ideas: you can take the free party bus from Portland to Corvallis on Thursday Nov. 5, 2009.

Why call it the party bus? Apparently there will be alcohol. And geeks + alcohol almost always = party. So there you go. Oh, and free wifi, too. Which is what we geeks *really* care about, anyway. 🙂

The bus departs the Nines hotel in downtown Portland at 3PM on Thursday 11/5. You can RSVP and get all the details on the bus here, and read Dawn Foster’s blog post for a look at the lineup, and who’s going to be there (hint: some Ignite Portland veterans, like Adam Duvander, will be presenting, and Dawn herself is giving the opening “What is Ignite?” talk).

We wish our fellow Igniters in Corvallis a wonderful evening, and we can’t wait to see the talks. Light it up! 🙂