Get Your Ignite Portland 8 Talk Ideas In Before Jan. 31

Can you believe that we’re a mere six weeks or so away from Ignite Portland 8? I know, right? But the time is upon us. And that means you’ve only got about ten more days to submit your talk idea, and have a chance at being selected to present on stage March 3 at the Bagdad in front of 600 or so of your closest friends.

“But Josh,” I hear you say, “What kind of talk idea should I submit?” That’s a good question. Fortunately, I have an answer. Think about the things that keep you up at night. The side projects you work on out of sheer love, outside your day job. Think about the kind of stuff you’d do if you never had to worry about holding down a real job to pay the rent – the stuff you dream of. Maybe a quick viewing of Liz Grover’s Ignite Portland documentary will inspire you. We know you’ve got a burning idea inside.

Want to let it out, and inspire a whole bunch of people (or at the very least, teach them something, or make them laugh), using 20 slides and 5 minutes on stage? All you have to do is hit the talk submission page and give us a brief description of who you are and what you want to talk about. Give us enough info (links, videos of you being smart/funny/persuasive, etc.) for us to make a decision, and who knows? You could be one of the twenty or so talks that light up IP8.

You have until 11:59 PM, Pacific time, on Sunday January 31, 2010 to submit your idea. Tick tock. We know it’s in you. Let it out. Share your burning idea with us, Portland!