Speaker Lineup for Ignite Portland 13!

We’re very pleased to announce our speaker lineup for Ignite Portland 13! The following people will be sharing their burning ideas on November 2nd at OMSI’s Empirical Theater:

Julie Williams: How Buying Nothing Changes Everything
Lillian Karabaic: Get on your Red Shoes and Finance the Blues
Drew Anderson: 2020 Vision – You, your bots.
Stephen Green: A Case for Spending Small*
Mason West: Everything I know about Experience Design I learned from Magic: The Gathering
Logan Kleier: 4 Reasons to Bootstrap, Not VC, Your Startup
George Mandis: A Year Like Any Other (Just Somewhere Else)
Jessica M. Frey: From 0 to Dancing in 300 Seconds (a.k.a. 5 minutes)
Tyler Sticka: The Best Video Game Console You (Probably) Never Owned
Charlie Levenson: Basic Rules for Success in Development and Business
Clarissa Littler: Is Physics Computable or: Can I 3D Print a Galaxy?
Evan Dumas: Have You Run Out of F#cks to Give?
Henry Abel: Top Five Reasons Why Every Responsible Parent Should Immediately Buy Their Teenage Daughter A Motorcycle.
Carolynn Duncan: Life Lessons as a Mzungu in Kenya, Africa
Mo Nishiyama: Enjoy the Silence
Linda Resca: For the Love of Care-giving
Simon Tam: 5 Life Lessons Learned from Touring in a Punk Rock Band

*We invited Stephen to submit via our proposal page but a late flight out the Bay Area foiled his plans on deadline day. Stephen submitted his talk to your humble speaker wrangler later that day, and the selection committee included it in the discussions.

Thank you to everyone who submitted talk proposals!