Ignite Portland is a fun, fast-paced, evening of presentations where speakers gather to share their knowledge and passion. Each speaker gets exactly five minutes to teach, enlighten, or inspire the crowd, all backed up by 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds. Talks cover a wide range of (often geeky) topics, from nuclear reactors to roller skating.

Ignite Portland’s unique rapid-fire format draws a loyal audience that reflects our vibrant community, often filling our venues to capacity. Each event is different, but you’re sure to experience talks that will educate, inspire, motivate, and entertain.

The Ignite concept first appeared in Seattle in 2006 and has since spread to many cities across the globe. We brought Ignite to Portland in 2007, and have been running events ever since.

For more information on Ignite, please take a look at the O’Reilly Ignite site and see this post for some of the background and ideas that inspired Ignite Portland to begin with.

Ignite Portland is a production of Stumptown Syndicate, a Portland-based nonprofit dedicated to creating resilient, radically inclusive tech and maker communities that empower positive change.