Ignite Portland 5

Ignite Portland 5 – February 19th 2009

86 of you were gracious enough to share your burning ideas with us – things that you thought would be great on stage at Ignite Portland 5. You were right. The ideas were great. But, as always, we have to narrow the field down. This time, we chose 17 talks (for a total of 18, including our traditional “What Is Ignite?” talk.

Speakers were notified earlier this week, and the suspense was palpable as people started celebrating (or being bummed out 🙁 ) on Twitter. Now, we reveal the whole lineup. These are the talks that you’ll see on stage at Ignite Portland 5:

Congratulations to everyone who was selected – we can’t wait to see you light it up on stage at the Bagdad! And a HUGE thanks to EVERYONE who submitted an idea, whether you were selected or not. We received a record 86 idea submissions this time, and it’s bittersweet to see all of those ideas, knowing that only so many of them can make it on stage. If you weren’t picked, don’t be discouraged, or think that we don’t like you! Competition was fierce, but we’d love it if you resubmit your idea for Ignite Portland 6 when the time comes. Be creative, hack the format, make a video and link it to your submission, and show off why YOU would make a great Ignite speaker. We’d love to have you.

Next up, free tickets for IP5 will be made available on Feb. 5 at 10AM, and they’ll go fast, so mark your calendars, get your tickets (or come hang out with the cool people in the GA line – you should still be able to get in), and we’ll see you on Feb. 19 at the Bagdad! 🙂

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