Ignite Portland 6

Ignite Portland 6 – July 16th 2009

69 of you were brave enough to share your burning ideas with us – things that you thought would be great on stage at Ignite Portland 6. You were right. The ideas were great. But, as always, we have to narrow the field down. This time, we chose 17 talks (for a total of 18, including our traditional “What Is Ignite?” talk.

These are the talks that you’ll see on stage at Ignite Portland 6:

imagesWhat is Ignite? – Nate Angell

Nate loathes every form of society with his whole Bohemian soul, remaining in his lodgings, buried among his old books, and alternating from week to week between beer and ambition, the drowsiness of the draught, and the fierce energy of his own keen nature.

imagesHow to build and program a multitouch display – Todd Greco

Todd Greco is the Creative Director for FashionBuddha, a local animation and interaction shop. FashionBuddha is best known for the dayswithmyfather.com website (which was in the newest CA Interactive Annual) and the interactive wall for Umpqua Bank at their South Waterfront location.
Prior to this, he was an Associate Creative Director for Euro/RSCG, an international ad agency. His clients included Barclays/iShares, Adobe, Samsung, Visa, Allstate, and Agilent. Most notably, Todd designed the interface for “Adobe Bridge Home” and “Adobe Stock Photos” for Adobe’s Bridge CS3 application.
In addition to his ACD duties, he taught for 4 years as an Adjunct Professor of Design at Portland State University and currently teaches Photoshop for the Multimedia Certificate Program there. In previous jobs, Todd owned his own design studio (bluePAVO) as well as worked at a number of other agencies (CyberSight/ninedots, Rapidigm, MC2Interactive, Fahlgren-Martin), dating back to 1995. In his spare time, Todd is a club DJ and distance cyclist.

imagesTips on How to Be a Gentleman From a Guy Wearing Jeans and a Tee Shirt – Chris Alan

A transplant originally hailing from Delaware, Chris Alan moved to Portland in early 2003 to embark on the life of a web entrepreneur. Along the way he’s tried to help others as much as they have helped him. Following insights from various sources he has built a strong network of friends and colleagues with the simple underlying theme of trying to make life easier for everyone. At Ignite 6 he is looking forward to sharing these tidbits of wisdom.

imagesMassage 2.0: Myofascia-The Real Interweb – Megan Bradley

Megan has done a lot of things since striking out on her own. She has been a theatre technician (you know, making the lights work and other things people don’t notice), foreign exchange student, public radio intern, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, drama teacher, and massage therapist. She is learning to be more geeky. Moving to Portland was one of her best decisions to date.

imagesThe History of Magic and Technology – Seth Raphael

With a Bachelors in Magic and Technology and a Masters in Wonder from MIT, Seth Raphael is doing what he loves, and blowing people’s minds.
His childhood passion of magic had to compete with his love of computers. At times one threatened to eclipse the other as he alternatively wrote off magic as foolish, and technology as soul-less.At last he reconciled his two obsessions, creating a cutting-edge form of entertainment.
He studied technology and magic at Hampshire College, and the emotion of Wonder at the MIT Media Lab.
Now he travels the world teaching organizations how to achieve things they never thought possible.

imagesYou can stop S#$%#y Little Dog Syndrome – Bridget Pilloud

Bridget Pilloud is a pet psychic, writer and teacher. She’s also one of the bitches at 3 Bitches Barking, the podcast about dogs and the bitches that love them.
Sometimes, she rethinks this whole “Talking with pets” thing, because with 3 kids, 3 dogs, 3 cats and a horse, there’s way too much negotiation in her life.
When not working with pets, talking and writing about pet behavior, and teaching others how to talk with pets, Bridget likes to read, knit, eat great food and spend time with her family.

imagesDIY Healthcare in Portland – Sandra Clark

Uninsured social change activist and international public health student.

imagesSeven lessons learned while trying to reinvent television news – Aaron Weiss

Producer of KGW’s Live @ 7

imagesMy Updated and Revised Commencement Speech to the Graduating Class of 1989 – Andrew Berkowitz

Andrew Berkowitz is the “Head Coach” of Portland’s ComedySportz improv theater, and a frequent performer with other improv and sketch groups. He is also Development Director for TeamSnap.com, a web service that helps soccer dads and lacrosse moms manage their recreational and youth sports teams without needing a Ph.D in computer science.
Before turning to a life of improv and computers, Andrew was a writer and editor with newspapers such as the Anchorage Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle and Palo Alto Weekly. As a playwright, his plays have been produced in Alaska, California and Oregon. He is an avid cook, a voracious hockey player and a nascent runner. Andrew grew up in Alaska, so he fears not the darkness nor the light. He has a degree in Linguistics from Stanford University. Really. Ask him to conjugate a very some time.


imagesSauna Etiquette: Proper Decorum Amongst Naked, Sweaty Strangers – Miki Tokola

Miki is a second generation Finnish-American who as an infant was taking saunas before he could say “Boy, it’s hot in here”. Born in Portland, raised in Vancouver, WA, and schooled at the University of Washington, he is a veteran of B2B planning, product management and marketing. Miki has worked for Tektronix, Floating Point Systems, Mentor Graphics and Evel Knievel. He is the founder and principal at Micom Consulting and is the Program Chair for the Oregon Chapter of the Product Development and Management Association.

imagesIt’s the End of the World As We Know It, and It’s About %#$@& Time! – Uriah Zebadiah

Uriah Zebadiah has been fantastically correct about absolutely everything for more than 30 years. An autodidact from the wilds of Vermont, he has lived in five cities and been to three colleges in seven years while alternately holding majors in computer science, english, theatre, business, creative writing and holistic studies. He owned his own business in Vermont and started a gaming convention in New Jersey; he’s sold saxophones to the rich and powerful of Washington DC and worked on film sets in New York. He’s lived with anarchist musicians in Portland and Seattle and published a variety of remarkably insightful and promptly forgotten essays and articles. He is a staggering giant, a towering Colossus, a multi-instrumentalist, a poet, a hypnotist, an inadequately debauched dilettante, a businessman, a futurist, and a genuinely nice guy.

Jeanne Turner10 Vegetables that Could Improve Your Sex Life – Jeanne Turner

An Information Architect at ISITE design with a passion for interaction design, Jeanne is also a budding foodie. She spent her childhood in the Pacific Northwest where she enjoyed picking and eating berries, peaches, pears, and apples, and savored the flavors of fresh artichoke and asparagus. Then she lived in Maui for high school and college, where she devoured fresh juicy mangoes, crisp rose apples, sweet-tart strawberry guavas, and buttery Sharwil avocados.

imagesThe death of authority: a kind of elegy – Eva Miller

I am a user experience designer and professional librarian with over a dozen years of experience in information technology environments, including software companies, graphic design firms, libraries, Web publishers, and a brief stop at that giant Intel place. I am constantly torn between playful, appealing surfaces and meaningful information that helps people live consciously and well. These days, I ply my trade at scrappy, little Pinpoint Logic (http://www.pinpointlogic.com).

imagesThe Scandalous Lies I’ve Told My Children – Michael Buffington

Michael Buffington is anti-telharsic.

imagesCritical life lessons learned from my four years as a hooker – James Keller

James (also known as @semaphoria) very recently left a stable job at a world-renowned agency to follow her bliss and co-found an iPhone Strategy and Product Development agency named Small Society. Small Society aims to help change the way people connect with each other and experience the world around them through iPhone OS. When not glued to her mobile device and/or laptop – she raises her kidbot, knits, longs for her mobile device and/or laptop, and plays in the dirt.

imagesThe Webcomic Age or, A Young Geek’s Illustrated Primer – Ben Bleything

A native Portlander who recently defected to Seattle, Ben enjoys
technology, games, beer, cats, and embarrassing himself on stage. He is a regionally known internet expert and holds a certification in Meme Studies from the International Internet Meme Academy. Ben spends his days lovingly hand-crafting the finest of Ruby codes. By night he transforms (albeit subtly) into some sort of super hacker, which
really just means he writes codes that he doesn’t get paid for. Other hobbies include eating fine food and needlessly pluralizing words.

imagesDerailing the Train: How to stop Ignite Portland in its tracks – Reid Beels and Amye Scarvada

If you haven’t already met the disaster that is Reid and Amye (two separate people whose minds seem to be related), you’re in for a treat.
Reid Beels wanders around the Portland tech community, getting involved in far too many things. He’s probably helped to organize an event that you’ve attended. By day (okay, actually late at night when no one is around to distract him) he writes ruby code and designs beautiful, functional experiences for the web.
Amye Scavarda has lots of wonderful ideas about technology and people. This leads to involvement in community tech events around Portland. She also has all sorts of weird hobbies, like hot air ballooning. She believes in the NYTimes style guide and instead of finding her at miss amye on twitter, she’s msamye.