Help Make IP13 Great and Volunteer!

Update: We’ve sadly had to postpone Ignite Portland 13. We’ll be announcing a new date as soon as we can, so please stay tuned.

Ignite Portland 13 will be held Wednesday, April 8, 2015, at the Hollywood Theatre and requires a whole bunch of dedicated, enthusiastic people to help make sure the event runs smoothly and we all have a great time.

Want to be one of those proud volunteers? Those people who are the only ones with guaranteed seats? Well, come and talk to us about getting involved.

We’ll be at the Lucky Lab this Thursday if you’d like more info about the event or would like to sign up to volunteer!

We hope to see you there!

Clarification regarding Ignite Portland by Stumptown Syndicate vs other local Ignites

In light of recent events, we feel compelled to issue the following clarification.

Stumptown Syndicate‘s Ignite Portland is a separate event from and not related to the recently canceled Ignite Bridgetown or the upcoming Ignite TAO.

Ignite Portland is a continuation of the first Ignite-branded event held in Portland. It was originally hosted by Legion of Tech, and Stumptown Syndicate kept the Ignite Portland flame burning when Legion of Tech ceased its programs in 2011. The Stumptown Syndicate Code of Conduct applies to Ignite Portland, is it does to all of our events.

The current planning committee for Ignite Portland includes: Sherri Koehler, Reid Beels, J-P Voilleque, Lucas Charles, Alicia Nagel, and Steve Lewis. To our knowledge, there is no overlap between the current organizers of Ignite Portland and that of Ignite Bridgetown, or the Ignite event that TAO is hosting.

Submit Your Proposal Today! Ignite Portland 13 is April 8th!

Update: We’ve sadly had to postpone Ignite Portland 13. We’ll be announcing a new date as soon as we can, so please stay tuned.

Got a burning idea that you want to share with Portland? Well, we’d like to help you with that! We’re really excited to announce that you can join us on April 8, 2015, for Ignite Portland 13 held at the historic Hollywood Theater.

Ignite Portland is an exciting, fast-paced, night of presentations where people can share their passions and burning ideas. The rules are fairly simple: 20 sides x 15 seconds per slide (auto-advancing) = 5 minutes of awesome. Presentations can be on nearly any topic, so long as they can teach, enlighten, or inspire us. Some examples from past Ignite Portland talks can be found in our video archive!

Talk proposals for Ignite Portland 13 are already open! We’re looking for speakers and we’d love to hear from you. The submission deadline is 11:59PM on February 22, 2015, so submit your idea today!

Need some inspiration for you IP13 talk? Check out the video from Ignite Portland 12 on the Stumptown Syndicate channel. We’re really grateful to brytCAST for their sponsorship and support of Ignite Portland!

We’re on the look out for sponsors to help us make Ignite Portland great. Interesting in helping us out, check out our sponsorship details!

Volunteers are what make Ignite Portland possible and awesome. Check out the kind of help we need and get involved today!

Everyone Together at Ignite Portland 10
Photo by Hockley Photography

Speaker videos for Ignite Portland 12 are up!

We had an amazing Ignite Portland 12 in November 2013, and now have all the video posted on the Stumptown Syndicate YouTube channel.

In case you missed any of the speakers or want to revisit any of the great slides, you can watch them all:


This was the first time we had an Ignite Portland at the Hollywood Theatre, which is a slightly smaller venue than in years past, so we unfortunately did have to turn a few people away after we reached full capacity. We always post videos of the speakers, though. Be sure to check out the archives of past Ignite Portland events as well.