Want to sponsor Ignite Portland?

We’re looking for some great partners to help us make Ignite Portland possible. Ignite Portland is run by unpaid volunteers. To bring Portland’s passions to the stage, we need funds for venue rental, insurance, promotion, and other costs associated with putting on the event.


Why you should sponsor

This is the 13th Ignite Portland! Ignite attracts hundreds of people every year to hear talks about a wide range of (often geeky) topics, which this year include bike commuting, migrating to Portland, and absolutely terrible examples of web designs. Speakers are funny, clever, super smart, and all local.
We like to support our own and could use local businesses and companies to support us, too.


Sponsorship Packages

We have two sponsorship levels available and a “friend” level this time:


Friends get priority seating – 2 seats in fact! Guarantee that you and your buddy have time to grab beers AND get primo seats, all while feeling the satisfaction that you are helping us make this whole thing happen! We’ll thank all our Friends in a recognition slide featuring your logo or name visible for all to see on the big screen. Friends of Ignite will be allowed in at 6:15pm (general admission is 6:45pm).



At the Sponsor level we want to make sure you are feeling the love because your support is invaluable! You’ll get your logo or name featured on its own on the big screen with a special Ignite shout out! We’ll also send you a promotion packet so you can promote your sponsorship with a badge on your website and we’ll send along some imagery and press release content for you to use to spread the word in an e-newsletter, blog, press release, social media or any other digital marketing you might want to do to let people know about your awesome contribution. Sponsors also get priority seating and can enter as early as 6:15pm to get a beer and select seats (general admission is 6:45pm).



You are amazing. We are looking for a couple special someone’s to provide support at the Partner level. You’ll be able to attend Ignite knowing that you made it happen. Due to what we feel is a significant contribution, you’ll get significant props and we therefore are only opening this opportunity up to a handful of folks. If you’re interested please get in touch sooner rather than later because we want to shower you with attention. You’ll get everything mentioned in the Sponsor level packet plus a special mention by our MC and opportunities to promote your organization through signage at the event, the ability to hand out samples*, have a promo table and bask in the glory of a couple other recognition perks we have up our sleeves. We’ll reserve four seats for you wherever you want if you don’t want to show up early to claim seats. In addition to the benefits listed above, you’ll get top billing on our website and can submit a 140 character message (subject to approval) to be displayed alongside your logo in our pre-show slides.

(*) Provided they aren’t against OMSI rules – no free flame-throwers, people.


What organization do my funds support?

Ignite Portland is a volunteer-run production of Stumptown Syndicate, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating resilient, radically inclusive tech and maker communities that empower positive change.


Do you have what’s included in each sponsorship level in a handy PDF?

Yes! Ignite 13 Sponsor Packages Use this 1-pager for easy reference and to forward around inside your company.


How do I get more information or sponsor?

Just sponsor@igniteportland.org to discuss your sponsorship level and send us your logo.