Brady Forrest to Talk at Ignite Portland

Congratulations to Kent Giard for coming up with the correct guess in yesterday’s Guess Who Will Be Giving Our ‘What Is Ignite’ Talk? post. Apparently, the picture was a dead giveaway.

We are honored to have Brady Forrest, founder of Ignite, giving our ‘What is Ignite’ talk at Ignite Portland on February 19th.

Brady Forrest is on the Radar Team and is the co-chair for Where 2.0 and the Emerging Telephony conferences. He used to work on Live Search where he was one of the organizers of the Search Champs program among other things. He came over to MS with the acquisition of MongoMusic (which became MSN Music). Previous to his forays on the Internet he worked in the Supply Chain Management industry.

He lives in Seattle and when he’s not building cars for Burning man or filming Angel parodies, he hikes and devilsticks.