Guess Who Will Be Giving Our ‘What Is Ignite’ Talk?

Seriously, you have to guess.

At every Ignite Portland, our first talk is used to explain the Ignite format along with providing some logistical information that you will want to know. This time, we have recruited a special guest.

Photo by (CC) Randy Stewart, blog.stewtopia.com.

Photo by (CC) Randy Stewart, blog.stewtopia.com.

Here are the clues:

  • He is an east coaster.
  • He currently lives on the west coast, but not in Portland.
  • He has jumped out of a plane.
  • He infuses vodkas, and his fave is candied ginger. Yum for sakitinis!
  • He was in the Boy Scouts.
  • He goes to BurningMan most years, and he built a car from scratch in 2004.  This year he will be building a generative music & laser installation.

Leave your best guess in the comments.


Ignite Portland wants to give you ’15 Seconds of Flame’!

Do you have something to share with Portland? Can you share it in 15 seconds? If so, here’s your chance to get your 15 Seconds of Flame! Send us a video of yourself sharing your “Flame”, and if it’s selected we’ll show it during Ignite Portland 5 on February 19th.

The format is kinda like the talks, but shorter and with video:

What can I share? Anything! Share an idea, a skill, a poem, or something you’re passionate about. Silly or serious- it’s up to you. Tell us your plan to save the world or why you love living in Portland, do shadow puppets, sing a really short song, bust a dance move or show Portland that you really can tie a cherry stem with your tongue. Be creative and be interesting.

What format? Video. (see below for technical details)

What can’t I share? Nothing gross or “spammy” (promotional). We also tend to shy away from politics, religion and high pitched squealy noises.

Will submitting a Flame help or hinder the chances of my talk being selected? It will have no effect.

Will I go up on stage to share my “15 Seconds of Flame”? Nope. We’ll just show what you send us.

Can it be a little longer than 15 seconds? No. Just like the slides in the Ignite talks, after 15 seconds the train keeps a-rollin’ on. Videos longer than 15 seconds may be edited down or rejected altogether.

If I send my Flame, will you show it for sure? We’ll select some of the best to play at Ignite. No guarantees.

If my Flame is selected will I be notified? Will I get guaranteed tickets to the event? Will my friends think I’m cool? Will I be paid? No, no, yes and no.

When are submissions due? By February 6th, 2009 @ 11:59pm.

How do I submit my video? To make your submission you’ll need to upload it somewhere and email a link to IgnitePDX@gmail.com. If you’re not sure how, we suggest using http://blip.tv . It’s free and allows us to download the original file (keep in mind video sharing sites like Blip can take hours or days to post your video- make sure to upload far enough in advance that you don’t miss the deadline). Make sure to tag it “Legion of Tech”, “Ignite Portland” and “15 Seconds of Flame”

Technical Stuff:

We can handle most common video formats (AVI, .MPEG, .MOV etc). We ask that you give us the highest quality you can and in full dimension so it looks good (We’ll be projecting on a huge theater screen). If you’re not a video expert don’t worry about the format specs, just send us something that will look good. But here is our suggested format if you have the option:

Quicktime H.264
Full Dimensions – 720×480 NTSC SD or 1280×720 HD or 1920×1080 HD
30 (29.97) FPS
Use a High VBR.

Only send content for which you have appropriate rights and permissions. We reserve the right to post your video for others to view and share under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Questions? Leave a comment or email IgnitePDX@gmail.com


Here come the videos…

The first batch of videos from Ignite Portland 2 are starting to appear online, thanks to our friend A.J. (aka Linuxaid). A.J. did an amazing job shooting video for the first Ignite Portland in October 2007, and he’s at it again for Ignite Portland 2, less than 24 hours after the completion of the event. As he will be posting them throughout the day, you can look for the most recent videos directly from Linuxaid’s YouTube profile page. We will update this blog entry with links to the individual videos are they come in…

Ignite Portland 2 Videos:

What is Ignite? by Scott Kveton
Where Does Imagination Go? by Chet Fiedler
That’s Entertainment: Politics as Theater in Campaign ‘08 by Jon Perr
Open Source Rockets by Sarah Sharp
Time for Portland to Take Its Place by Chris Logan
Wouldn’t You Like To Be a Pepper (Expert) Too? by Kelly Guimont
Beauty in Abandonment by Peat Bakke
How to be an Undercover Hooker by Jessica Bruder
Living a Made Up Life – And Getting Away With It! by Adrienne Fritze
Biodiesel: the stuff you need to know by Brian Jamison
Six Weeks to Robot by Brandon Philips
Why Deutschland Loves David Hasselhoff by Mario Schulzke
What Would Dr. Seuss Say About Online Communities? by Dawn Foster
Irrashaimase!: Traditional Sushi in a Newfangled World by Melissa Casburn
A History of the Stick Figure by Eric Lewallen

That’s all of the videos! HUGE thanks and props to A.J. (a.k.a. linuxaid) for getting these up and available so fast! Less than 24 hours, just like last time. This guy is a superstar! 🙂