Brady Forrest to Talk at Ignite Portland

Congratulations to Kent Giard for coming up with the correct guess in yesterday’s Guess Who Will Be Giving Our ‘What Is Ignite’ Talk? post. Apparently, the picture was a dead giveaway.

We are honored to have Brady Forrest, founder of Ignite, giving our ‘What is Ignite’ talk at Ignite Portland on February 19th.

Brady Forrest is on the Radar Team and is the co-chair for Where 2.0 and the Emerging Telephony conferences. He used to work on Live Search where he was one of the organizers of the Search Champs program among other things. He came over to MS with the acquisition of MongoMusic (which became MSN Music). Previous to his forays on the Internet he worked in the Supply Chain Management industry.

He lives in Seattle and when he’s not building cars for Burning man or filming Angel parodies, he hikes and devilsticks.


Guess Who Will Be Giving Our ‘What Is Ignite’ Talk?

Seriously, you have to guess.

At every Ignite Portland, our first talk is used to explain the Ignite format along with providing some logistical information that you will want to know. This time, we have recruited a special guest.

Photo by (CC) Randy Stewart, blog.stewtopia.com.

Photo by (CC) Randy Stewart, blog.stewtopia.com.

Here are the clues:

  • He is an east coaster.
  • He currently lives on the west coast, but not in Portland.
  • He has jumped out of a plane.
  • He infuses vodkas, and his fave is candied ginger. Yum for sakitinis!
  • He was in the Boy Scouts.
  • He goes to BurningMan most years, and he built a car from scratch in 2004.  This year he will be building a generative music & laser installation.

Leave your best guess in the comments.


Portland Ignites Gnomedex

Ignite Portland is breaking out of Oregon (for a short time)! 🙂

Chris and Ponzi Pirillo, and the other organizers of the best geek conference I’ve ever been to, Gnomedex, pinged me last week to see if any Ignite Portland alumni would be interested in giving their talks at Gnomedex 8.0 this year.

As a result, at Gnomedex on Saturday morning, there’s going to be a “mini-Ignite Portland” with selections of popular talks from past Ignite Portland events. (This isn’t an official Legion of Tech event.) There’s also going to be a similar “mini Ignite Seattle” on Friday afternoon, with Brady Forest and his cadre of Igniters.

Rick Turoczy over at Silicon Florist has a writeup, with a list of the talks that will be featured, and you can see the “speaker bio” page for the talks on the Gnomedex site.

Here are the talks that are migrating north to Seattle:

The coolest thing about all of this? The idea for Ignite Portland was hatched at last year’s Gnomedex. They highlighted some of the previous evening’s Ignite Seattle talks, and I loved them. The energy and excitement were off the charts, and I immediately started thinking (and Twitter-ing) about how awesome it would be to do an Ignite event in Portland. Connections and plans were made, venues were filled to capacity, Legion of Tech was born, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Besides the obvious coolness of these talks, there’s something poetic about Ignite Portland making an appearance at Gnomedex. It goes to show that a lot of really cool things can happen in the space of one year! 🙂

Important Info for Ignite Portland Tonight

We are really excited about Ignite Portland and can hardly believe that the day has finally arrived!!

A few things to keep in mind for tonight

  • If you have a ticket, it is only good from 5:30 – 6:15pm
  • Arrive early (even if you have a ticket). Seating is limited
  • The name on your ID must match your ticket (tickets are not transferable)
  • We will start general admission at 6:15
  • Parking is scarce to non-existent near Hawthorne. We highly recommend taking public transportation!
  • Leave the valuables, big backpacks, etc. at home. We’ll be packed in like sardines, and we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Feel free to bring a camera to take pictures or video
  • For information on tagging, twitter and other electronic updates, please see Josh’s post on How to Participate Electronically.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What time should I arrive? The earlier you arrive, the better your chances of getting a good seat. We are suggesting that people arrive no later than 5pm if you want a good seat.

Can I get in without a ticket? Yes. You can wait in the general admission line to be admitted without a ticket at 6:15pm.

I have a friend on the organizing committee, can you get me a special ticket? No. Parents of organizers have been denied this request. Do you think we love you more than our parents? Um, maybe, but probably not.

If I RSVP’d on Upcoming.org does that mean I already have a ticket? No.

What if I lose my ticket? You can retrieve it online here.

What if I leave my ticket or ID at home? You will have our profound sympathy and be directed to the general admission line.

Will food and drinks be available? Yes. The Bagdad will have their normal menu available.

Can kids come? What if my kids don’t have an email address? Kids are welcome but all minors need to be out of the building by 9:00pm per OLCC rules (the event ends at 9:00 so they won’t miss any of the presentations).Children without tickets will be admitted with ticketed adults.