Ignite Portland is looking for some good volunteers! This event couldn’t happen without amazing people sharing their time and passion! Below are descriptions of the positions we need to fill. Let us know how you can help by getting in touch with us here.
  • Speaker Wranglers
Ignite is all about the speakers. As a Speaker Wrangler, you’ll have the extremely important job of making sure the speakers are where they need to be when they need to be there and are ready to go when their talk is up. It’s kind of like babysitting if you’ve ever babysat a kid who only talks for five minutes at a time.
  • Runner
These volunteers are like everyone’s favorite line in their job description, “Other duties as assigned.” You need to be quick on your feet and ready to tackle anything. If fulfilling requests like “I need a pen and a 15 pound block of ice! Stat!” sounds like fun, then this is the position for you.
  • Door People
You’ll be the first smiling face that people see as they come into OMSI. Say hi, stamp their hands, count them, and send them on their way to have a great night!
  • Floor Ushers
Are you really good at Tetris? Have you ever wanted to see how efficiently you could seat people at a theatre? Here’s your chance! You’ll help folks find seats and keep things moving. You’ll also help sponsors, speakers, and other volunteers find their assigned seats.
  • Beer Line Wrangler
Keep that line moving and keep it orderly. Make sure everyone who needs some nachos or a beer or a soda has the chance to get it.
  • Sponsorship Assistant and Wrangler
Help take care of our sponsors! Show them their seats and make sure they have everything they needed to have a great night.
  • Video Runners
Run like the wind for our video team! If you have video streaming and production experience, bonus points!
  • Booth Person
Do you like small, warm, enclosed spaces? Then this job is for you! Hang out in the booth and make sure nothing goes wrong with the slideshows during talks.
  • Spotlight
Have you used a spotlight before? Do you regularly bulls-eye womp rats from your T-16? Keep our speakers in the light and we’ll be forever grateful. (Note: this volunteer may need to come early to the tech rehearsal a week prior to the event to get acquainted and to help our speakers get used to having the spotlight on them.)
Ready to help? Sign up here!